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post 22-Июл-18 04:02

Согласен,даже забросил Циву ради неё,уже больше недели не могу оторватся от неё и игра так втянула и кто бы мог подумать что во вселенной вахи могут быть годные продукты...
Фракций бы уже завезли,ну думаю в первый месяц можно особо не ждать ничего глобального пока....


post 22-Июл-18 12:24 (спустя 8 часов)

Да, ежели разработчики добавят в DLC тиранидов, эльдаров, тау и силы хаоса, то будет просто великолепно, так сказать, полный комплект.


post 24-Июл-18 18:47 (спустя 2 дня 6 часов)

у меня какой-то баг, всё как будто под водой


post 26-Июл-18 22:06 (спустя 2 дня 3 часа)

Update 1.0.6


Update v1.0.6:
* Added lobby setting for simultaneous turns. If disabled, only players of the same team will act
simultaneously. If a team contains human as well as AI players, the AI players will act after the
human players but still before the next team.
* Added multiplayer chat.
* Added 3dsMax exporters and other scripts to Resources/ folder for modding support.

* Increased the loyalty penalty from additional cities from -3 to -6 per city. This makes large empires more costly to maintain making the Space Marines more competitive with larger empires.
* Halved resource cost for Space Marines fortress of redemption.
* Slightly increased influence cost of orbital scan.
* Improved spreading of special features, necron tombs, artifacts and wild life.
* Reverted reduction of Necron tomb density.

* Space Marines AI now always deploys in their starting area instead of potentially adjacent to allies.
* Quests that spawn units now prefer unpopulated areas.
* Halved the rate at which a new wave of enslavers appears in Astra Militarum quest 5.
* Ambulls can no longer be awarded from Ruins of Vaul.
* Tweaked tile colonization score evaluation.
* Language tweaks.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a crash issue caused by two fortresses of redemption being deployable on the same tile.
* Fixed enemy units sometimes moving during the players turn instead of performing an overwatch attack.
* A corrupted configuration file should no longer crash at startup.
* Improved error logging to help track down some bugs that have been hard to find.


post 27-Июл-18 21:01 (спустя 22 часа)

большое спасибо!


post 27-Июл-18 23:39 (спустя 2 часа 38 минут)

Ребят, ошибка вылетает спустя минут 20 после начала игры. Никто не сталкивался?
Скрытый текст


post 28-Июл-18 18:08 (спустя 18 часов)

The Alpha Male
Intel core i5. Ошибка возникает иногда спустя 20 минут, иногда через час.


post 28-Июл-18 19:03 (спустя 54 минуты)

The Alpha Male
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

post 31-Июл-18 08:02 (спустя 2 дня 12 часов)

Топик был перенесен из форума Горячие Новинки в форум Стратегии



post 31-Июл-18 17:59 (спустя 2 дня 22 часа)


Update 1.0.7 (31st July 2018)
Flyers can no longer capture or hold artefacts.
Bomb trait: bombs from aircrafts and skimmers now have set 50% accuracy and cannot target air units.
Melta bombs and tankbusta bombs now use melee instead of ranged accuracy (abstracts that they are deployed in close combat). This fixes tankbusta bombs being ineffective.
Fixed heavy bomb clusters of the Marauder Bomber having only 1 instead of the correct 8 attacks.
Increased Burna Bommer burna bomb count from 1 to 2.
Decreased Burna Bommer burna bomb cooldown from 5 to 3.
Increased Burna Bommer skorcha missile count from 1 to 2.
Increased Thunderbolt skystrike missile count from 1 to 2.
Increased Mek Gunz traktor kannon range from 2 to 3.
Reduced Fortress of Redemption influence upkeep from -3 to -2.
When finishing production and research, any progress left over is no longer lost but preserved until the end of the turn.
Reveal map when player has no sighted tiles instead of when he is defeated. This allows fairer team play.
Don't allow sending chat messages to teams you are not part of.
Stretch basic and advanced parameters buttons to full size when chat is not there.
Don't clear chat when going from lobby to world.
Improved resolution handling.
Updated French translation.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with fog of war and water not covering the entire screen when the viewport size was exceeding the framebuffer size.
Fixed an issue with turns being stuck in multiplayer when a player connects or leaves the game.
Reducing world size no longer removes players if they are human.
Fixed player joined message appearing multiple times on the server.
Added missing vectored afterburners effect.
Added missing effect for signum and ammo runt.


post 31-Июл-18 21:45 (спустя 3 часа)

Монолиты и Обелиски говярит имба у некронов,по сравнению с прокаченным героем орков(милишник) они ток всех царапают...
Ордынец же просто приходит и сносит любую столицу за пару ходов в одного (так как мили атака не контрится,фул-урон)
Пару таких героев , а за спинами лекари и что вы сделаете им?! Правда они ничего не могут против воздуха,ну для этого есть прикрытие...
Обвешаны в фул броню и урон,если дать развится то их не остановить даже топовыми юнитами(проверено),тех же Горконавтов они как орешки шелкают...
Тем более на них можно кинуть баф на пару ходов +50% к урону и +50% к резистам от всех типов атак(вот кто настоящая имба...)


post 05-Авг-18 14:08 (спустя 4 дня)

Гвардеец немножко подустал(решил немножко взремнуть)
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post 06-Авг-18 01:23 (спустя 11 часов)

не самое удачное место, чтобы делиться впечатлениями.
Че за ордынец, варбосс? У орков меганобы как варбосс, в лесу окопаются - ИИ не выкурит.


post 10-Авг-18 21:11 (спустя 4 дня)

Update 1.0.8 (9th August 2018)
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Lord of Skulls quest now shows the turns until Khorne goes inactive again.
Added warp in and out effect for Lord of Skulls.
Added setting for orkoid fungus density.
Added non-destructive mod support: mod data is loaded from "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Proxy Studios\Gladius\Mods\\Data\" on Windows and "$HOME/.config/Proxy Studios/Gladius/Mods//Data/" on Linux.
Rescaled all influence costs to match the default cost scheme (25/50/100/200 to 20/40/80/160).
Fortresses of Redemption now costs 40 influence.
Fortresses of Redemption no longer gain the percentage bonus from tiles controlled by cities.
Increased Fortress of Redemption upkeep from 2 to 3.
Increased Orbital Bombardment cooldown from 0 to 1.
Increased Orbital Scan cooldown from 0 to 1 and increased its radius from 1 to 2.
Aircraft and jump / levitate now only ignore zone of control of enemy ground units (but are still affected by other aircraft).
Ere We Go now requires movement (but does not consume movement) to prevent exploiting its use to cross wire weed or zone of control in 1 turn and still attack after.
Deffkopta's big bomm no longer consumes an action (7th edition bombing run Orks errata).
Reduced Apothecaries group size from 5 to 3.
Reduced Apothecaries cost by 50%.
Fixed Dreadnought conversion typo: increases Dreadnought armor from 7 to 8 and hitpoints from 24 to 36.
Increased Dreadnought cost by 50%.
Fixed Gorkanaut's Klaw of Gork typo: increases damage from 6 to 12 and armor penetration from 0 to 8.
Reduced Gorkanaut attacks from 3 to 1.
Reduced Gorkanaut Rampage bonus attacks from 2 to 1.
Fixed Gorkanaut gaining Rampage even when the number of enemies was even.
Medi-Pack research moved from tier 2 to tier 3.
Heavy Weapons Squad research moved from tier 3 to tier 2.
Increased Cryptek's Resurrection Orb range from 1 to 2.
Canoptek Spyder and Kastelan Robot now have Vehicle traits, allowing them to be repaired.
Killshot now also increases damage against Fortifications.
Machine Empathy now also heals Fortifications.
Ordnance now also has increased damage against Fortifications.
Dok's Tools, Extra Bitz, Experimental Procedure, Narthecium, Roll Over Them, Summary Execution and The Flesh Is Weak no longer work on Fortifications.
Awaken the Machine, Blessings of the Omnissiah, Fabricator Claw Array, Mek's Tools and Objuration Mechanicum now work on Fortifications.
Fermentation pool now gives +1 energy and +1 influence instead of +2 influence for Necrons.
Grox pasture now gives +1/+10% infuence and +1/+10% ore instead of +2/+20% influence for Necrons.
Recaf leaf now gives +1 influence instead of +1 energy for non-Necron factions.
Tweaked some special features adjacency bonuses for Necrons.
Lord's Royal Guard summon duration increased from 3 to 5 turns.

Added XML support for specifying if only one conditions needs to match before effect is applied. That is, \ and other block conditions tags such as \ can now have the attribute match="Any". Defaults to match="All".
Revert to random faction instead of crashing if config faction is invalid.
All relevant technologies are now linked with requirements.
Level up selection now stays up until all points have been spent.
Tweaked Tactical Space Marines death animations.
Bug Fixes
Fixed mouse cursor not showing when mouse pointer trails is enabled on Windows.
Fixed item cooldowns not decreasing.
Fixed a crash when immediately founding a city on a tile where a city was just destroyed.
Fixed experience not being awarded when a unit is disbanded or killed with an ability such as Shockwave and Orbital Bombardment.
Fixed cleared tiles still obstructing vision.
Fixed being able to move items to units across the map.
Fixed trait rank not going up with ability rank (e.g. Cybork Implants).
Fixed capturing artefacts not refreshing resources before the end of the turn.
Fixed clicking on an item while leveling a hero wrongly spending level up points.
Fixed drop pods not being player colored.
Fixed orbital deployment and teleporting to a tile not triggering explore/capture/overwatch.
Fixed outposts of a destroyed city not being immediatelly reclaimed.
Fixed Astra Militarum energy, food, loyalty, ore and research edicts accidently increasing the upkeep of buildings.
Fixed Fear, Furious Charge and Zealot applying less melee damage change than intended (adds Circumstance Melee Damage).
Fixed units being affected by heavy and not healing if their max movement increased.
Fixed aircraft not being able to fly over enemy ground units.
Fixed bolt damage upgrade having no effect for Orks.
Fixed destruction protocols trait not being red.
Fixed heresy in an Astra Militarum bark.


post 19-Сен-18 10:29 (спустя 1 месяц 8 дней)

1.0.9 уже есть


post 27-Окт-18 21:09 (спустя 1 месяц 8 дней)

Да и обновление вышло, обновлять будете?:)


post 27-Окт-18 21:36 (спустя 26 минут)

Warhammer 40,000 Gladius – Reinforcement Pack


post 19-Июл-19 18:51 (спустя 8 месяцев)

Tyranids DLC

Chaos Space Marines DLC


post 19-Июл-19 19:38 (спустя 46 минут)

Я извиняюсь, как это устанавливать? Всё по порядку?


post 19-Июл-19 19:46 (спустя 7 минут)

Сначала игру потом дополнения
setup_warhammer_40000_gladius_-_relics_of_war_1.03.01_(31041).exe 1.31 GB (1415306296)

Текущее время: 26-Авг 03:44

Часовой пояс: GMT + 3

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